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Ordering a Custom Guitar

I enjoy the collaboration that goes into making a custom
guitar.  With the initial deposit we pick a start date,  
model and woods for the top and back.  Any woods
decided upon will be reserved. This also gives me an
opportunity to source and acclimate woods if needed.  
My initial intention is to find a direction, not to lock
you down.  All decisions are in pencil until I actually
start cutting wood.

It is normally 4 months from start date to when a guitar is
ready to ship.  I will start a Flickr photo album with weekly
photo up-dates to show progress and to help with our
communications and decisions along the way.  Many
clients have made "Baby Picture" photo books from these

Come to my Studio!  I'm easy to get to from Manchester
Airport.  A visit can be very helpful for both of us.  You can
compare woods and guitars while I see how you play.  I can 
put tops in your hands and actually show you why I might
recommend one over another.

Guitar parts and woods Hatcher Greta Model


The base price on all models is $9,000.  A non-refundable deposit of $500 with your order will lock in the current prices, quotes, and secure your position in the building schedule.  Build start dates can be scheduled as far out as 2 years.   A payment of 50% of the remaining balance is due when construction of your guitar begins. The full balance is due upon completion and prior to shipment. Delivery time on new orders is currently 12 months. Prices do not include the cost of shipping.

Mounting Gotoh 510 tuners with custom buttons


There is a limited life-time warranty to the original buyer. Upon receipt of the guitar the buyer has 3 days to evaluate the guitar and if not fully satisfied may return the guitar, shipping prepaid, for a full refund. Payment of refund will be made upon the resale of the instrument.  Some personalized customizations may void the refund warranty.

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Phone: (908) 500-3261