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Standard Features and Options

Master Grade Indian Rosewood 30yrs old

Back and Side Options

No Charge

Choice of Master Grade Indian Rosewood,  Eastern Black Walnut,  Mahogany or Wild Black Cherry.

Master Grade Sitka Spruce

Soundboard Options

No Charge

Your choice of top grade Sitka,  Englemann,  or  Western Red Cedar.    

Black Ebony Binding with Wood Purfling Lines

Wood Binding and Purfling

No Charge

Choice of binding woods: Black Gaboon or Macassar Ebony,  Indian Rosewood or Katalox. 
Seven lines of wooden top purfling and 3 lines of purfling on back and sides.

Mahogany Neck with Cross Grained Center Laminate

Neck Options

No Charge

Choice of Mahogany neck with cross-grained center laminate and Maple borders or
solid one piece Mahogany neck.   Neck profiles are made to suit.  

Bound Ebony Fretboard with Purfling and Extention


No Charge

Choice of fretboard with or without extention.  Fretboards are bound and have purfling lines up top
and down under the sides.  Wood choice of Indian Rosewood,  Black Gaboon Ebony or Macassar Ebony. Note: The Penelope 000 comes standard with an elevated fretboard.

Semi-Hemispherical Finish Fret Ends

Fret dressing

No Charge

Semi-hemispherical dressed fret ends for playing comfort and finished look.

Back tilted saddle for intonation

Bridge Saddle Design

No Charge

Saddles are mounted with a slight back tilt which helps keep intonation when saddle is raised
or lowered.  It also directs more saddle vibration down into the guitar where you want it! (read more)

Black Ebony Bridge with Ebony Pins and Bone Saddle

Bridge and Pins

No Charge

Choice of two bridge designs made of Black Ebony,  Macassar Ebony or Indian Rosewood.

Bone Nut on Ebony Headstock

Nut and Saddle

No Charge

Top grade bone.  Saddles are individually intonated on each guitar.    

Looking Up the Fretboard across the Bridge

String Scale, Nut Width and String Spread at Saddle

No Charge

String scale, spacing, and nut width are made to client's preference.

Wood Rosette with 7 line Wood Purfling


No Charge

Wood rosette with seven line wood border to match top purfling.

Urethane Finish with Satin Mahogany Neck


No Charge

Guitars are finished with a durable high gloss catalyst Urethane.  Your choice of gloss
or satin finished neck.

Cedar Creek Case Ready to go

Guitar Case

No Charge

Visesnut Active Series Flight Case

Woodsman OO

At the same base price this vintage style model has a different balance of standard features 
as decribed below. 

200+ Year Old Honduran Mahogany Wood

Top, Back, and Neck Woods Harvested 100+ Years Ago

No Charge

Tunnel Redwood Top harvested before 1835.  Honduran Mahogany harvested over 200 years ago
or 1850 Eastern Black Walnut,  currently available for tops, backs necks, and other components.

Traditional 1800's French Polish Lustre

1800's Traditional French Polish

No Charge

Sealed with the thin albumin layer of eggs and hand burnished with unbleached button shellac and grain alcohol.  This oil free method is extremely non-tone invasive for maximum resonant response. The woods have a beautiful lustre and there is no attempt to emulate contemporary high gloss
finishes here. (read more)

Waverly Open Back Nickle Tuners with Black Ebony Buttons

Waverly Open Back Nickle Tuners with Ebony Buttons

No Charge

Nothing on this guitar is "reliced".   Nickle tuners are what you would get if you bought a guitar
100 years ago.

Traditional Bird's Mouth Neck Joint

Traditional Real Bird's Mouth Headstock Joint with Diamond Volute

No Charge

A tight hand fitted joint that is stronger than a one piece neck and gorgeous to boot!  This is a time consuming process that manufactures abandoned a long, long time ago.

Traditional Style Coffin Case Hardware

Traditional Style Pyramid Bridge

No Charge

The option Black Ebony or Indian Rosewood standard.  This little bridge does more than evoke the look of a vintage guitar.  Its size and weight contribute to the quick response and voice of the Woodsman.


Woodsman 00

"This is about the art of the guitar,  not the art on the guitar."

In keeping with the simpler designs of vintage instruments the standard Woodsman does not come with a bound headstock or fretboard.  The headstock doesn't have a  backstrap.  The purfling lines are reduced and the fret ends are simply beveled.  The Woodsman comes with a traditional style rosette and the neck is not laminated.  There is traditional ladder back bracing as opposed to contemporary lattice bracing.  These differences from the other models all contribute to the traditional look and/or sound of the Woodsman. This offsets the extras it does come with allowing the Woodsman to keep the standard base price.

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