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About Hatcher Guitars

Green Mountains Vermont

Hatcher Guitars Penelope Nylon Crossover guitar being played


I started playing guitar as an early teen and have a long history of woodworking, from furniture to cedar strip ocean kayaks. In 2000 these passions joined together as I built my first guitar. Since then I have been able to develop my designs and methods by working with some very talented craftsmen and a number of master luthiers. Having an idea turn into plans and then go on to being in hand, is a great joy for me. I build each guitar with attention to design, sound, ease of play, and even smell. I’d like you to feel the familiarity of an old friend when you first pick up and play your new Hatcher Guitar.

Hatcher Josie SJ model with Ovangkol Back and sides


Few instruments evoke the visceral response from both artist and audience as an acoustic guitar cradled in the arms of a performer. With its similarity to the human figure, we are naturally attuned to the finest details of a guitar’s size, shape, and certainly its voice.
As a professional luthier I handcraft fingerstyle acoustic guitars using master grade tonewoods and choice materials for an international clientele. My guitars are individually voiced and often are embellished with my original inlay designs. Select fragrant woods are incorporated into the internal structure. By blending the natural beauty of various woods and their tonal characteristics I seek to design visually pleasing instruments that delight the senses and are a pleasure to hold, play, and hear.

Environmental Considerations 

I make environmentally conscious choices of sources and materials, and view my work and business practices through this perspective.  Fortunately the environmentally smart choice is often the best quality choice. My woods come from reputable sources and are often reclaimed from salvaged lumber or standing dead wood that may already be aged over 100 years.  I also have an increased emphasis on purchasing and offering renewable domestics.
No finish is less invasive to the environment and the sound of a guitar than French Polish, which is an option on my soundboards or entire guitar.  Upon completion, I compost my waste wood and purchase carbon offset credits to neutralize the environmental impact of shipping your guitar.  I want your purchase of a Hatcher guitar to be a smart choice!

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2832 Country Club Rd
Barre, Vt 05641


Phone: (908) 500-3261