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 Custom Design

This is where we fine-tune the look, feel, and tonal qualities to create a unique instrument that meets your unique needs and inspires your artistry! 

Florentine Cut-Away Hatcher Guitars



Pointed Florentine or rounded Venetian cut-aways for easier access to the higher frets.  Unique to Hatcher Guitars, cut-aways come with a recessed strap button arrangement for out-of-the-way comfort and a secure hold.

Scoop Style cut-away

Scoop Style Cut-Away


Easy access to upper frets with less loss of body air volume.  This style of cut-away is particularly well suited to the Penelope 000 and its elevated fretboard.

Comfort Bevel at top of Cut-Away

Cut-Away Bevel


A little more comfort and access for reaching those higher frets. A nice visual counter point to an
arm bevel.

Arm Bevel for Comfort

Arm Bevel


Arm bevels are for arm and shoulder comfort especially on larger guitars.  Great for extended play.  
The bevel makes a guitar feel smaller than it is.

Cocobolo Rib Bevel on Quilted Maple Josie

Rib Bevel


Snuggles the guitar right in and makes the guitar feel smaller. Great for chest and shoulder comfort.

Guitar Body Wedge Hatcher Guitars

Body Wedge


By making the bass side shallower and the treble side deeper, a large guitar feels much smaller and comfortable to play.   The overall guitar body retains the air volume for that sound of a big guitar
and the feel of one much smaller.  Great for shoulders and extented performance.

Evo Gold Frets Hatcher Guitars

Stainless Steel or Gold Evo Frets      Evo $100  Steel $200

For a touch of color and better wear the Gold Evo frets compliment gold tuners.  Stainless Steel is harder yet for maximum wear resistance.

Fan Fret or Multi Scale Upgrade

Fan Fret


A longer bass side string scale and shorted treble side fans the frets across the fingerboard, making the frets better align with the arc of your arm for a more natural feel and wrist comfort.  The longer scale on the low end gives crisper bass and better overall tonal balance across the fretboard. 

Cross grained Cocobolo center strip with purfling

Center Back Strip


A traditional decorative touch which can be customized in many ways to contribute to an overall theme or make a statement on its own.

Olive Sprig Sound Port

Sound Ports


A little better sound for the player.  Port design can range from a simple oval to a thematic statement.
Note: The Josie SJ model comes standard with an unbound oval sound port.  Read more (click here)

Hatcher Guitars unique throated sound port

Throated Sound Port


Unique to Hatcher Guitars, the throated sound port is an integral part of the heel block where the sound is captured and focused directly at the player with the least loss of overall forward projection.

Slot Head style open headstock

Open Headstocks


A number of different head stock styles are offered,  from several slot heads  like the one pictured to the Lyre style offered on the Penelope nylon cross-over which uses the Knilling Planetary Gears Tuner Pegs.  Also available is a very open contemporary headstock with one large central opening.

Hoffee Custom Lightweight Flightcase

Flight Cases


Custom guitar cases are available for order.  

Wood Options

Flamend and Grained Redwood

Redwood Soundboards


I have a very large selection of Redwood tops: 1800's Tunnel tops (read more), Carter Tops, 100yr plus salvaged Old Growth, figured and grained.   Redwood sounds a lot like Western Red Cedar with maybe a little more top end and sustain.  It's a great tonewood which is why I have invested heavily into it. 

Bear Claw Sitka

Spruce Sound Boards


I have a deep selection of Spruces: Adirondack, Alpine Swiss Moon,  Englemann,  Carpathian,  Italian, German,  New Hampshire Red,  and more.  These are Master Grade sets and create very versatile guitars.    

Master Grade Western Red Cedar

Cedar Tops


Well Aged Western Red Cedar to my mind is the perfect top for a fingerstyle player with a light touch. Counter to WRC's reputation I am very good at getting a lot of top end out of WRC.  It is a very dynamic wood.  I also have the harder Yellow Cedar.

Mahogany Hardwood Top

Hardwood Soundboards


To add variety to your guitar collection I recommend hardwood tops.  Generally,  you will get great overall tonal balance and sustain.  I have and recommend Eastern Black Walnut,  Koa,  and certain Mahoganies.

Hatcher Guitars

Exotic Backs and Sides


I have way too many to describe!  If I don't have it,  I likely have a reliable souce.  In stock,  I have most of the best tonewood species from 43,000 yr old Ancient Kauri from New Zealand to a variety of domestic Walnut species.  Just inquire!

Quilted Western Big Leaf Maple

Domestic Back and Sides


I have invested heavily in Domestic woods and am extremely happy with the looks and tonality I can get.  There are great woods at Domestic prices.  Koa,  Eastern Black Walnut,  Maples,  Claro,  Bastogne and more.  I have an in-depth stash that can handle any needs.

Alternative Neck Woods Hatcher Guitars

Alternative Neck Woods


Alternative neck woods are far more than look and feel. They can be appropriate for lightening the neck for better balance or heavier/stiffer for adding a bit more sustain to a guitar with an extremely lightly made top.

Trim Options

Flamed Koa Binding Hatcher Guitars

Rare and Exotic Wood Bindings and Trim


There is not an upcharge on most trim woods but,  when it's rare or notoriously difficult to work with, there may be an additional charge.  Upcharges are typically for highly flamed woods and certain species such as Brazilian and African Rosewoods.

Antigue Gold Tuners with Sapwood capped Buttons

Special Order Tuners


My standard tuners are Gotoh 510 minis and Schertlers.  The Woodsman comes with Waverlys.
I'm happy to special order any tuner that is preferred for our project and would look to only cover
any additional cost.

Multi Colored Amboyna Burl Tuner Buttons

Exotic Wood Tuner Buttons


A great way to dress up a headstock.  My standard Gotoh mini tuners come with custom made wood buttons that typically match the binding, etc.  There are upcharges for buttons made for Schertlers
and special woods,  like the two tone Amboyna Burl shown. (read more)

Wave Woods Inlay on Sugar Maple Neck

Custom Neck Back or Center Strip Inlays and Marquetry


Marquetry and inlays are a fun way to dress up guitar and neck backs.  A good way to make an artistic statement or add just a unique touch.  

Wooly Mammoth Tusk Bark Nut and Truss Rod Cover

Alternative Nut and Saddle Materials


 There are a lot of choices here: Buffalo bone,  Wooly Mammoth Tusk Bark,  Wooly Mammoth Ivory, Dyed Bone,  Ibex and Water Buffalo Horn.  

Zebrawood Radial Purfling on Venetion Cut-Away

Radial Top Purfling


A classy way to add a touch of natural color and contrast to the top.  It sets off the shape of the guitar yet is more subtle than abalone.

Cedar Topped Piña with Abalone

Abalone Top or Back Purfling


A line of Abalone around the perimeter of the top adds a nice sparkle and shows off the shape of the guitar body.  I use top grade abalone with deep greens and blues that contrast nicely with the color
of the woods.

Black Ebony Penelope Abalone Back and Sides

Abalone Back Center Strip or Neck Back Purfling


Another point of interest and can line up nicely with the end graft.

Black Walnut Greta with Abalone

Abalone Side Purfling


Keeps the sparkle going no matter which angle the guitar is seen from.

Abalonie Fretboard and Rosette

Rosette or Headstock Purfling


The rosettes and headstock are already visual points of interest and abalonie makes them
even more so.

Shell and Cocobolo Rose Inlay

Custom Inlays or Marquetry anywhere

$25 and up

I enjoy exploring creative ideas with inlays and marquetry.  A great way to really personalize
an instrument, follow a theme or make a statement!


Sunburst Top on Penelope 00

Sunburst Top or Back


A variety of sunburst colors available.  A great way to blend the colors of the top with the back
and side woods.

Hatcher Guitars Sunburst Neck

Sunburst Neck


A subtle elegant look and also a nice way to match the neck color to the back and side.

French Polishing Hatcher Guitars

Contemporary French Polish 


French Polish allows a guitar to sound better.  It adds a beautiful depth to the look of tonewoods, especially to tops.  More fragile and requires occasional maintenance, but with proper care, will last
a lifetime.  

French Polish Top Only Hatcher Guitars

Contemporary French Polish Top Only


As I said above, French Polish allows a guitar to sound better.  Most of the sound comes off the top so you get better sound up top while having a more ding protective finish on the neck, back and sides.

Traditional 1800's French Polish Hatcher Guitars

Traditional 1800's French Polish


If you want all the sound you can get out of a guitar and are not afraid of letting the mojo show, consider this traditional 1800's French Polish technique.  The guitar is sealed with the thin albumin layer of egg and is hand burnished with unbleached button shellac and grain alcohol.  There are no oils in this finishing process.  When it come to sound this is an extremely non-invasive finish. (read more)

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