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Pina Lullabye Guitar


Parlor model. Made for comfort and articulate
fingerstyle playing.

Woodsman 00 deep bodied 14 fret


00 Deep Bodied 14 fret model.  Vintage style and techniques. Made with 100+ yr old woods.

Penelope 000 12 fret


000 size 12 fret steel string guitar also available as
a nylon string crossover.

Greta Grand Auditorium


Grand Auditorium model is designed for comfort,
balanced tone and versatility.

Josie Small Jumbo with cut away


Small Jumbo model with big guitar depth and voice
while maintaining overall tonal balance.

Bacchus Baritone with fan frets


Coming soon, my new Dryad Dreadnought!



"The tone is exactly what we discussed. The color, the sustain, the overtones, are all awesome. My two little girls are also
in awe. Playing the guitar is about the only thing I can do where they both pay attention and enjoy at the same time!"  

Piña Parlor with floating bridge and trapeze tail piece

The Piña parlor model packs a lot of volume and tone into a very comfortable little guitar. It's an ideal guitar for long practice sessions or snuggling up with the kids to sing lullabies. Which is not to say it isn't a great portable and lightweight performance guitar with lots of projection, tone and fast response.
An active back adds to the player's experience by making the guitar feel alive as it dances with the song.

Part of what makes the Piña model sound like a much larger guitar is the active back typically used in construction. This added flexibility lowers the body resonance helping the responsiveness dig deeper for those bass notes. Yet with a smaller top, overall response is quick and crisp.

Piña is a 12 fret parlor with a 14" lower bout. There
are a variety of headstock and bridge styles to choose from. The pointed Florentine cutaway is a nice option for easier access to the upper frets. Sound ports or even top f holes can be part of your custom build.

Piña Parlor Schematics Hatcher Guitars

Guitarist Charlie Chronopoulos is playing this Piña parlor model.  This is an unedited sound recording


00 14 Fret

"The deep thought and subtle creative input in this build is amazing." 
R .S.

Woodman Birds Mouth head joint with diamond volute

The Woodsman 00 model has a strong vintage influence.   The design, the techniques and materials harken back to the traditional sensibilities of the 1800's.   If it looks old, it's because it is old.  Made using traditional methods and designed with woods harvested over 100
years ago.

This deep bodied 00 comes alive under its non-dampening traditional finish of egg white, button shellac and grain alcohol.   It has a true bird's mouth headstock joint and
a ladder braced back.  Braces are hand split for optimum performance.

The elegant styling of the Woodsman has an understated beauty.   The design is all about the art of the guitar not art on the guitar.  
Response is fast and dynamic.  The Woodsman has strong fundamentals with strong midrange overtones providing for an overall full and rich tonal presence. This very lightweight guitar is a pleasure to play.

Woodman 00 Schematics Hatcher Guitars

Guitarist Charlie Chronopoulos is playing a Woodsman 00 guitar.  This is an unedited audio recording.

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For addition photos you can see my Flickr photo album of a Woodsman build (click here)


000 12 Fret 

"Absolutely spectacular in every way ... what a tour de force of unique design choices and precise craftsmanship! "

Penelope is one of my oldest designs which has found its own evolutionary path and has served as a wonderful test bed for most of my innovations. In any configuration, the Penelope is a very well balanced, dynamic instrument. There are a number of headstock and bridge styles available, as well as Scooped, Florentine or Venetian cutaways.  

Penelope Schematic with options
An elevated fretboard is a standard feature on the Penelope guitar, enhancing upper fret reach and overall comfort of play. An active back optimizes bass response as well as the player's experience.

Penelope 00 Nylon String Cross-Over

Penelope is a fingerstyle 12 fret steel string guitar. Available as a crossover nylon which offers the optional lyre style open headstock fitted with Knilling geared tuner pegs.

Guitarist Mike Neverisky is playing a nylon crossover Penelope model.  This is an unedited sound recording.


Grand Auditorium

"You push boundaries in design with a keen artistic sense that is bold, yet never ostentatious.  It's a fine line and you seem to walk it without even seeing how thin it is, as if it were a city block wide. The effect is amazing. This is a draw-dropping display of art meeting function."          

The Greta Grand Auditorium has a 15 1/2" lower with a high, tight waist for playing comfort. Well balanced both to hold and to hear, consistent all the way up and across the fretboard. Versatility is the hallmark for grand auditorium guitars and that is what Greta is
all about! 

Greta GA Schematic with Options
The widest variety options are available on this model including my newest throated sound port system that brings clarity to the trebles and mids and crispness to the bass.

Greta GA with Throated Sound Post

Greta Grand Auditorium size makes it suitable for a wide range of playing styles whether it's a lightly touched fingerstyle piece or a song that requires more digging in. The high waisted design moves the lower bout out away from the player's body a little, giving the guitar a smaller feel while freeing up the active back to surround the player in sound.

Jon Prown welcoming his first Hatcher Guitar.


Small Jumbo

"The sound is open and enveloping, well-balanced, the bass clear and present, but not overwhelming. You got the sound port just right. Played aggressively with a flat pick, it can hurt your ears! I really think the louder sound I hear through the sound port definitely helps my singing."

When the voice and depth of a bigger guitar is needed or preferred but you don't want to give up comfort, you won't go wrong with the Josie Small Jumbo. The Josie has a 16" lower bout and comes with a great variety of available options and upgrades. With great dynamic range and deep bottom this guitar works wonderfully for fingerstyle or strumming.

Josie SJ Schematic with Options
I have found that a side sound port particularly works well with this model likely due to its size. I decided to include an oval sound port as a standard feature with the Josie.
Josie SJ with Side Sound Port and Arm Bevel

If you prefer a larger guitar the Josie small jumbo should fit the bill.  It is roughly the size of a dreadnought but you can sit and still get your arm around it.  With that extra size comes a bigger, deeper voice.  Comfort options such as arm and waist bevels can make you forget how large this guitar is, well, until you start playing it!

Guitarist Danny Combs is playing a Josie Small Jumbo model sound sample while the video goes through many of the steps in its construction

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